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The Scent of Rain in the Balkans

“The Scent of Rain in the Balkans” is the latest TV show produced by Cinema Design and co-produced by RTS, based on the bestselling novel of Gordana Kuić. The series tells the tale of a Jewish family from Sarajevo in the exciting and turbulent period from the beginning of WWI until the end of WWII. The series was filmed in the four month period on locations in Belgrade , Pančevo, Sarajevo and Dubrovnik.

Gordana Kuic and Mirjana Samardzic

Synopsis of the episode 1

The old woman Blanki Korac tells us the tale of her life. She is alone, in an apartment covered with photographs of her past, flipping through the pages of her old diary.

We are back to Sarajevo, in the year 1914, a few days before Franz Ferdinand’s arrival, where we are introduced to the Salom family. The mother, Estera, prepares traditional food and tells the story of the arrival of Jewish people to the Balkans, while her fourth daughter Blanki listens to her carefully.

The youngest daughter, Riki, is going to the store to pick up salt needed for the meal. On her way to the store, Riki passes a ballet school and mimics the dance moves she sees. Carried away with the music and the dance, she forgets why she was sent to the town in the first place.

The oldest daughter, Buka, is in love with an old owner of an antique shop, David. However, a young man Daniel goes to the same antique shop regularly in hope to bump into a girl he is in love with - Buka. David keeps on trying to convince Buka that young Daniel is the right one for her. Buka bursts into tears and goes to her other two sisters, Nina and Klara. The two of them work in a hat shop ''La Parisienne'', owned by Nina.

At the same shop, we meet Mrs. Ninkovic, the woman who knows and spreads all the gossips in Sarajevo. The father of the family, Leon, is a watchmaker, working closely with his only son Isaac, called the Athlete.

After the work hours, the whole family gets together and have a family lunch. Everyone, except for the careless Riki. Eating a no salt meal, the father criticises Riki, while her sisters are concerned that something might have happened to her. In the end, Riki shows up with a bag of salt in her hands.

The old Grandma Salom with her two sisters visit the Salom family, giving a life advice to each of the sisters. She stresses the importance of marriage, which influences Buka to invite young Daniel to their home for dinner. The same night, Daniel asks Buka’s father for her hand. Father gives his blessing and Buka accepts the proposal.

Later in the evening she admits to her mother that she is in love with another man.

The following morning, Daniel comes to take her to see the arrival of Franz Ferdinand. The other sisters are also excited and can't wait to see the royal family.


Predrag Ejdus, LJiljana Blagojevic, Mirka Vasiljevic, Aleksandra Bibic, Kalina Kovacevic, Tamara Dragicevic, Marija Vickovic, Sinisa Ubovic, Stefan Buzurovic, Milan Vasic, Igor Damjanovic, Goran Navojec......

Production  Cinema Design
Director Ljubiša Samardžić
Executive Producer Mirjana Samardžić
Scriptwriter Đorđe Milosavljević
DOP Radoslav Vladić
Score Nemanja Mosurović i Slobodan Negić
Art Director Veljko Despotović
Costume Design Nevena Milovanović
Editor Gordana Zafranović
Editor in Chief Marko Novaković