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The story which is set in one block of flats in New Belgrade the early Autumn of 1995, just before signing of the political agreement in Dayton, tells about a family of musicians. Mother is a Croat from Dubrovnik and she plays the flute in the National Theater Orchestra, and the father is a Serb, a cellist and a professor at the Musical school. Their nine year old child Petar, being from a mixed marriage, suffers the most because he cannot find friends neither among children in the block, neither in school where he is being teased for having a Croat mother. The block is mainly populated by refugees and newcomers from the all parts of the former Yugoslavia who carry all their sorrow and roughness as well. Love cannot grow nor the child can have a peaceful upbringing in such a surrounding...

This film is special because it is first film ever made in co-production with Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Dragan Bjelogrlić, Ksenija Pajić, Nikola Nikić - dečak, Zijah Sokolović, Milena Dravić, Seka Sabljić, Radmila Živković, Mima Karadžić, Boda Ninković, Milica Milša, Ivan Jevtović

Production Cinema Design
Director / Producer Ljubiša Samardžić
Executive Producer Toni Matulić, Tomislav Žaja
Screenplay by Nikola Pejaković
DOP Radoslav Vladić
Art Director Vladislav Lašić
Music by Nemanja Mosurović
Sound by Zoran Maksimović
Editor Marko Glušac
Costumes by Ivanka Jevtović
Make up by Stanislava Zarić

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