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A Night At My Mother’s House

This is a story about love of two young people in the context of the Yugoslav reality, the social and state breakdown. They try to find happiness at the time when the ideology is falling apart and when society is searching for new existential and moral values. However, the circumstances are not to their advantage. When he returns from the army, the young man is faced with unemployment and a life without any prospects. He is separated from the girl he loves because of their different backgrounds: his father is a factory worker, a trade-union rebel, while her father is the director of that same factory. In the midst of tragic conflicts, the lives of the young people are destroyed.


Igor Pervić, Ljubiša Samardžić, Zumreta Ibrahimović, Danica Maksimović, Faruk Begoli, Petar Božović, Dušica Žegarac, Ivan Bekjarev, Stojan Aranđelović, Slavko Štimac, Dušan Janićijević, Olja Bećković, Nenad Nedinić

Production Cinema Design, Jugoexport, Avala film International d.d.TV Beograd
Director / Screenplay by Žarko Dragojević
Producer Ljubiša Samardžić
Music by Vojkan Borisavljević
DOP Veselko Krčmar
Editor Vladimir Milenković
Costumes by Emilija Kovačević
Art Director Sava Aćin

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