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Cinema Design

is independent production company founded in 1990 by Ljubisa Samardzic, one of the most popular actors in the post World War 2 Yugoslavia, whose name was in the credits of more than 200 feature films. Before turning to production, Samardzic won a number of national and international acting awards, including "The Golden Lion" (Copa Volpi) in Venice, 1967. Until today Cinema Design has, for its 15 years of existence, produced 16 featured films and 3 TV series (40 episodes). 10 out of those 15 years were during most difficult times of civil war, political and economic chaos. In Cinema Design they usually say: "We are always in mission impossible."

Our production company

is also a place where young authors always get a chance... Cinema Design is present with their films on numerous film festivals all around world: Film "Sky Hook", as directing debut of Ljubisa Samardzic, was in competition program of 50th Berlin Film Festival 2000. Film was a result of NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999., and it won the Grand Prix at the Montpellier Film Festival, the Audience Award at the Palm Springs Festival, Opera Prima at the Milan Film Festival and had opened the Freedom Film Festival in Los Angeles. It was also screened on the French-German TV channel ARTE in 2001.

International Awards

His second direction "Natasha" (2001) won the Golden Arena for the best female performance (actress Tijana Kondic) at the Pula Film Festival, the Grand Prix for the best film at the International Film Festival in Albena (Bulgaria), Artistic Expression at the MEDFiIm 2002 in Rome... Film "Goose Feather" was candidate for Oscar for best foreign film. Led by successes of this film producer are preparing for filming of squeals and TV series. The last project was a TV series “The Scent of Rain in the Balkans”, 14 episodes in 2011/12, which was pronounced by Emmy Awards 2012 as one of the top 10 TV series in the world.