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Mihailo Vukobratovic

Born in 1952 in Belgrade. He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in film and TV direction. In addition to numerous television commercials and documentary films he has co directed 56 and directed 34 episodes of the television soap opera "Better Life".

 He is also the director of two feature films: "Men are a Problem" and "Better Life". He lives and works in Belgrade.





Here Comes the Dollars 2 (2005) TV series
Here Comes the Dollars (2004) TV series
New Years program(2003) TV
Family Treasure 2 (2001) TV series
Family Treasure (1998) TV series
Opposite man (1996) (mini) TV series
Opened door (1994) TV series
The Policeman from the Cock's Hill 2 (1994) mini TV series

Happy People(1993) TV series
Charging an the Parlament (1992)
The Policeman from the Cock's Hill (1992)
The Policeman from the Cock's Hill (1992) mini TV series
Better Life 2 (1990) TV series
Serbian Rhapsody (1990)
Better Life (1989)
Better Life (1987) TV series

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