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Djorđe Milosavljevic

Born in 1969. He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade 1997. He wrote film reviews for several magazines, but the focal point of his interest were comic strips. His comics were published in a number of magazines. Some of Milosavljevic's comic strip albums were translated to Russian, Greek and English.

He won the National Award for the best Yugoslav comic strip album in 1994. Two of his stage plays, "Saint Apocalypse" and "Paper Devils" were published in renowned literary magazines. His drama, "Naked Vera", is among the most popular Serbian dramas on the Internet. As a screenwriter, he debuted with feature film "Package Arrangement". He graduated with the script for "Three Palm-Trees for Two Bums and a Bird", a feature directed by Radivoje Andric, which is currently the leader at the Serbian box-office. "Wheels" is Milosavljevic's first attempt at film direction.





Ringeraja (2002)
Mechanism (2000)
Wheels (1999)
Black Horses (2007)
Goose Feather (2004)
Ringeraja (2002)
Absolute hundred (2001)
Natasha (2001)
Wheels (1999)
Sky Hook (1999)
Three Palm Trees for Two Bums and a Bird (1998)
Crossroads (1998) (segment "30. Rule")
Package Arrangement (1995) (all three segments)
Mockers and Killers (1994)

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