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Production company Cinema Design

Cinema Design is an independent production company founded in 1990 by Ljubisa Samardzic, one of the most popular actors of the post war Yugoslavia, whose name appeared in more than 150 film credits.

Before turning to production, Samardzic won many domestic and international awards for acting, including a Golden Lion/Copa Volpi in Venice in 1967, six Golden Arenas in Pula (former Yugoslavia), as well as numerous Grand Prix awards for producing and directing.

In 20 years of Cinema Design, we produced 16 films and 3 TV series (40 episodes). During 10 years we worked under civil war conditions, as well as through a financial and a political crisis.

Cinema Design motto is: “We are always on a mission impossible”.

Cinema Design is a place where young artists always get a chance…

Our company is acknowledged at many film festivals around the world.

The film “Sky Hook” was competing at the 50th Berlin Film Festival in 2000, as a directing debut of Ljubisa Samardzic. The film, inspired by the bombing of Serbia by NATO, won many awards, including Montpellier festival, Palm Springs festival, Milan festival… The film aired on Arte French-German TV station in 2001. “Sky Hook” was a Yugoslavian candidate for the Oscars in a best foreign film category.

The second directing project was a film “Natasha”. The film won the best female lead award (Tijana Kondic) at the festival in Pula, an award for the best film in Albena (Bulgaria) and an artist award at MEDFilm 2002 in Rome. The film also participated at many other film festivals around the world.

The film “Goose Feathers” was one of the most popular films with the domestic audiences. It was our candidate for the Oscars in a best foreign film category. The success of the film led to the production of its sequel “Black Horses. 

The last project was a TV series “The Scent of Rain in the Balkans”, 14 episodes in 2011/12, which was pronounced by Emmy Awards 2012 as one of the top 10 TV series in the world.

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